Physics rotation to connect blocks

So, I’m following to try and create a procedurally generated level for a game I’m working on. I’ve been able to get the translation of the object in the physics space to work nicely, but I’m having trouble mapping the rotations.

I’ve got some models for different level pieces, and I create nodes at each of the models exits and entry points, in the same ways as the tut describes (Y up, X along the exit/entrance, Z pointing outwards).

I’m having trouble understanding the algo for the rotation part. First, I get the worldTransform.getRotation() of a point where I want to add another level piece. Then, I know I have to match the rotation of the entry point to the exit point, with same Y and inverse Z, but for some reason, my orientation is never right. I think I’m getting the proper rotation of the entry point, but that isn’t the same as the model said node is connected to. Does that make sense?

For any given model, I’ve structured it as

-Front node
-Back node

Because I’m in the physics space, even if I put the front node at the top of the hiearchy, it wouldn’t matter right? It only matters where the RigidBodyControl is connected to?