Physics Shaking Object

My group is just finishing up a project with JME, and we have a small problem. We have a plane that has physics applied to it, but it seems like the plane is slightly shaking. We think it might have to do with the physics. I don't know what code I should post if any, but it any one else has had this problem it would be great if you could help out. Thanks.

If its just 'sitting there' you could try setting the DynamicPhysicsNode to rest…

Also, increasing the physics simulation accuracy can help alleviate that.

How do you go about increasing the physics simulation accuracy? Sorry very new to the physics. Also the object is moving so the did not work.

Thanks i figured out how to increase the accuracy and that worked perfect. Thanks so much.

Sorry that I open an old post, but how can I increase the accuracy? Is that by applying this method:

dynamicNode.generatePhysicsGeometry(true);? I'm working on a very simple flightsim now and the model of my f14 is shaking.

physicsSpace.setAccuracy( <float> );

I've also noticed shaking when you create objects and set their centers away from 0,0,0 instead of moving them with setLocalTranslation(V3f). This causes the object's center of gravity to be very far away from the object and causes it to shake.