PhysicsDebugGeometry drawn solid


With my application the PhysicsDebugGeometry is drawn solid on Android. On Windows the PhysicsDebugGeometry is just the wireframes. Does anybody have this problem too ?

I’m using Android 2.3.

Thanks in advance.



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ah yeh, I remember when i was playing around with android, the debug shape was almost solid. I think it was only on a sphere I had, it might have been everything, can’t quite remember :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, debug shapes show as solid instead of wireframe on Android. Not sure why. I haven’t looked into it. I simply use debug shapes when I’m running on the PC and then shut them off when running on Android. That gives me the ability to debug the physics faster on the PC anyway.

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If I want to look at this myself, where should I look then ?

I found something in about the wireframes.

I also found these lines commented out in

public void applyRenderState(RenderState state) {
if (state.isWireframe() && !context.wireframe){
context.wireframe = true;
}else if (!state.isWireframe() && context.wireframe){
context.wireframe = false;

I also found this:
// TODO: is wireframe supported under OGL ES?

From what I read here it should work in OGL ES:

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Seven years later I opened a GitHub issue for this: wireframe materials render as solid on Android · Issue #1345 · jMonkeyEngine/jmonkeyengine · GitHub