PhysicsGameState and Joode kill my app


I recently followed the tutorial for getting JME and JME-Physics working in Netbeans, everything seems to be working fine (the tests for JME and JME-Physics all work), but when I try to use the PhysicsGameState in my own project I get an exception that kills X  :frowning:

The error message is saying something along the lines of JoodeFactory is missing, it looks like something is missing from the classpath but I'm not sure what.

Any help would be great.

I don't use the setup from the wiki but as far as i remember i had to drop the odejava jar from classpath (and sourcepath ?) and add the joode jar instead from impl/… to switch between the both

edit: … means: in addition to jme-physics.jar You need one of libodejava.jar (+ native lib) or joode.jar in Your classpath

I think I wrote that message too late last night lol whats really happening is I get this error:

NoClassDefFound odeJava

I can't figure out why it can't find it, I've tried adding everything I can think of to the classpath but it doesn't seem to work.

edit: Oops, I was being stupid, I left out /impl/joode/lib/joode.jar and /impl/ode/lib/odejava-jni.jar from the Run libraries in Netbeans.

There is still something confused: joode does not need odejava! you either need joode and joode impl of jME Physics 2 or odejava and ode impl of jME Physics 2.