Platform independence

How platform independent is jme isn't it kind of platform based i'm assuming thier are differnt jars because of the 3 differnt platforms when i distribute the game would i have to create 3 differnt distribution and tweak code or would i just simply have to create 3 differnt jars?

I'm using jme physics2 and I'm aware its based off of the ode library would It be better if i used a pure java physics library both to reduce independence and increase performance?

Its platform independent up to a certain point, e.g. the lib files that come with jme have native libraries for win/mac/linux, but does jme run well on non-windows OS'?. I'm just a Windows users, but I've seen threads where folks have issues with mac for instance, so while things may not run perfectly on other operating systems, they should run. I'm sure if you look around, you'll be able to spot threads where folks have had issues in mac and linux.

Can't really comment on jme physics 2 though, but I'd imagine it wouldn't be too different.

jME Physics 2 has the required native libraries for win32, ppc, intelmac, and linux. If you need something else then you will need to build it yourself.