Player customizing a ingame character


There are several threads dealing with this. Having a character customization screen for players to ‘adjust’ their ingame avatar.

(I can’t find the thread that had the tutorial about using blender to create a werewolf morph in blend. Great Tutorial!!)

In going through these forms and through the Orge mesh forums I’m trying to understand how to impliment this. I understand how to create the morphs in the timeline but… I can only see getting one ‘morph’ effect by taking the morphing scene into jME. ie Human → werewolf.

In looking through other threads it’s mentioned to ‘morph’ a mesh. One states you can ‘morph’ a mesh using targets? I’m familar with this in programs such as Poser and 3DS but is there already a function in jME that I’m missing?

  1. How to implement using a Orge scene with the morph already in it?

  2. Is there a ‘morph’ target function in jME?

  3. If I have all versions of the mesh I want to use, can I ‘blend’ or ‘morph’ between the two in jME and then save that as a unique mesh with morph/blend targets for ingame clothing/items?

    I realize that the different version of the mesh have to have the same vertices count and that stuff… I’m looking at implementation in jME

    Thank you for your time and help!