Please contribute to the HCL (Hardware compability list)!

Please add your graphics card & whether it works good or not.

Good idea, just contributed my laptop graphics. If you agree, maybe there should be a standardized way of testing, say running every test on the tests page (that's what I did). Also, I added a test date to my entry.

Oh, and driver/OS versions might be a good idea…

I contributed with my computers graphics.

I think that it could be usefull to specify also the OS and drivers version in some cases.

I updated the page to be a table and included the driver version and broke down support into three main areas.

Basic features, Advanced features (no shader) and Shader features as I think this will give a better view on the compatibility.

Yes, you should run all tests, indeed. Maybe, for os's and categories (i.e basic, advanced & shader) it could be a good idea to use 'ticks', like they do on

PS. Maybe do the drivers & os'es like this: Windows, Mac OSX, Linux (oss driver), Linux (proprietary driver), Linux (XGL). I can say that stuff that worked without XGL doesn't work with XGL. (Dude, I looooooooooooove xgl)

Why exactly were my changes completely reverted?

I do so love wasting my time updating stuff just to have them completely removed without even a comment as to why…

Gentleman Hal said:

Why exactly were my changes completely reverted?

I have no idea! The wiki lists me as the culprit, but I didn't do that! (at least not willingly, maybe out of stupidity, but I never clicked anything else than the edit button in the nvidia section, and never saw a warning, revision list, or anything)
In fact I never saw your tables version, for me it has always been this way, but I like the tables a lot better, now that I saw them in the revision history.

I would suggest to revert to gentlemahal's version.

I'll recreate the tables version with the new data added since then later today, to take the responsibility for what the wiki accuses me of :slight_smile:

[Edit:] Done.

I would really love to see the table version.  :)(I actually never saw it)

EdIt: saw the table version using the wiki's functions. I believe it's a good idea to organise stuff, but this table gets messy if you wanna add fields, i.e. "Driver Version". You should make from that "windows + driver version", "mac os + driver version", "linux (oss driver) + version", "linux, (non-oss driver) + version", "linux (XGL)"

I suggest making an entry look as following:

Card Name

Windows Y/N Driver Version    Mac OS Y/N Driver Version

Linux Y/N Driver Version (oss) Linux Y/N Driver version (non-oss) Linux Y/N (XGL)

Basic Features Y/N Advanced Features Y/N Shader Y/N


First off I'd like to apologise for getting a little indignant there, that was unnecessary.

Well I think we've found the Wiki's ability to handle concurrent edits (i.e It can't), I made my edit at work so it took me probably about 45 mins to an hour (I had to keep switching to 'actual work' every time someone came along  :stuck_out_tongue: ).  So I'd assume you've managed to pick up the old version when you edited it but saved it after I'd saved my changes  :expressionless:

Gentleman Hal said:
First off I'd like to apologise for getting a little indignant there, that was unnecessary.

Heh, after recreating the tables, I can fully understand you getting a bit angry about the work lost :D Tables seem to be a pain to create/maintain. But are really far easier to read. Unsure what to do about that :/

Don't forget to go back and update the table using the latest version. :wink:

Here is an insane list of Graphic Card/Driver combinations all uploaded using GLInfo tool.

I recommend everyone uploads their specs to that site as we can use it to theoretically work out which cards should support jME.

added mine in~  :smiley:

It looks like only I have a SiS… poor me…

Not even an Intel card… They're in most cheaper laptops or workstations nowadays, and other heavy openGL stuff (compiz, I looooove compiz) works great on them.

This is a problem I've already underlined.

The wide presence of low cost (in the range of about 500 and 900 Euro) computers in the market based on SiS or Intel integrated GPUs is going to be a problem on the side of OpenGL support. Most of these GPUs are produced mainly to support Direct3D (Windows only 3D APIs) or simply to support a really narrow subset of OpenGL specifications. Most of the features are supported on the software side by the GPU drivers, and this drivers are not easy to find for *nix systems.

This is a kind of war. We must realize that. Microsoft wants the absolute controll, and considering the amount of Windows based computer sold in the whole world, many 3rd party companies produce their products only for that platform and for that specifications.

Everyday OpenGL and *nix world is menaced by this ugly situation.

Unfortunately Linux does not help. Linux developers are mainly interested in scientific or server market, where Linux has a big part of the market. Linux help would be foundamental to keep alive the OpenGL and *nix, also for users that wants an alternative environment where to produce contents (like Graphics). Linux distros should start a process to go closer to the user. In Mac world this is called User Friendly (a hated sentence by the many Linux users and developers), that is not only a matter of GUI. Unfortunatelly Linux community seems to be really slow to accept this request by a shy but existent part of Linux users (i am a member of this minorance).

Not really true. Drivers for the latest Intel integrated chips have been opensourced by Intel, and have been integrated with the latest X releases. Expect them to improve further.

SiS is absolute crap on Windows too (even the Direct3D part, try finding a 3D game that even runs on it) (only thing worse is Via). Even DirectShow doesn't work half of the time. If you can run Compiz on it under linux though, maybe with some work you can get jME to run…

"Not completely true", then. I hope for that GPU to become more useable.

This could be a good news also for owners of Intel GPU based Macs. After the last iMac release, only Mac Book and Mini Mac, still use that chip. But there are still low config iMac of the previous generation that has Intel GPU.

If the new drivers from Intel are open, hopefully the open source community will develop a oss driver also for Mac, if Apple do not like to spent its time releasing a better driver.

Such kind of crapy GPUs should never be sold. But unfortunatelly this is businness…

Yes, for Mac it's escpecially sad since before the Intel transition you actually had a half decent videocard in even the cheapest mac (since Apple didn't have an intergrated video chipset for PowerPC).