Polyhedrons with triangular faces with a stroke

I’m new to JMonkey and I’m trying to impliment Polyhedrons with triangular faces with a stroke on the sides.
So a face would be “scaled” down to the same smaller triangular face which is 50% of the size of the original face.
I am able to make the polyhedrons using meshes but I don’t know how to make a “stroke”
So all the sides of the mesh would be something like this:

I guess it depends on whether you want to purely do it with a mesh and color or whether you want to use some kind of texturing.

Hello, i’m trying to make it so the strokes have a different color and the inside doesn’t really matter. Solid colors are just fine.
something like this (but then obviously 3D):

Model it in blender/max/maye/whatever, with a texture and import it into the engine? unless you have more specific needs that we don’t know?

Or build a mesh with two triangles interconnected (7 triangles total) and color it. Or build a mesh with three radial triangles and do some texture coordinate tricks with a two color texture.

The hidden message in this is that there is no way to just “draw a wider stroke”. At your disposal you have triangles, textures, and triangle colors… basically.

Yeah it’s for an assigment and we have to be able to make 3D sculptures that exist out of polyhedrons with triangular faces, so i have to be able to model a head or donut or whatever with using triangular shapes. The points are given in 3D vector points so i am not able to just model it in blender as all of them may vary

If you are just trying to show the edges then you could overlay a wire frame. It won’t be nice pretty wide strokes like that but would show you where the triangles are.

Well the assigment really wants us to have perfect triangles and the inner triangle has to be exactly 50% of the outer triangle

Then you will need to do one of the tricks I suggest above to visually create something that looks like two triangles.