Pose animation deprecated?

I’m doing a bit of a breath-first run through JME as prep for a planned project, and discovered that pose animations are @deprecated. What is intended as the alternative? Or is there something else going on here?

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I think you are talking about the animation system. It was deprecated in favor of this Monkanim ... v2? .
You can still use the old system if you want, afaik there is no documentation for the new one. Also only the gltf importer can import it.

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Thanks for reminding me of monkanimv2.

It appears that it hasn’t landed yet? So, use the old system, or has it been released as a standalone?

EDIT: I see it. Didn’t make it into the 3.2.2 release, but it’s in master. Must rebuild my javadoc…

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The new animation system is already in master and in 3.3.0-alpha1 and 3.3.0-alpha2 releases.

Some examples :

Note there is a utility method for migrating any model loaded with old animation system to the new one using: AnimMigrationUtils.migrate(model);

And just in case, the idea of the new animation system is inspired by Lemur’s Tween animation.
You can read more about Tweens on Lemur wiki page:

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I’m trying to decide which to support… I’m working on an API bridge for an editor, and don’t want to duplicate the code…

Seems that 3.3 is coming soon, maybe just stick with the new version.

I believe any upcoming projects should be based on JME 3.3 for animation stuff.

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