Possible leak in BoundingSphere.collideWithRay


while browsing trought the collisioncode i noticed that in some cases the TempVars are not released. It’s still early in the morning here but it doen’t look correctly.

public boolean intersects(Ray ray) {
assert Vector3f.isValidVector(center);

    TempVars vars = TempVars.get();

    Vector3f diff = vars.vect1.set(ray.getOrigin()).subtractLocal(center);
    float radiusSquared = getRadius() * getRadius();
    float a = diff.dot(diff) - radiusSquared;
    if (a <= 0.0) {
        // in sphere
        return true;

    // outside sphere
    float b = ray.getDirection().dot(diff);
    if (b >= 0.0) {
        return false;
    return b * b >= a;


Inside the ‘In Sphere’ branch a ‘vars.release()’ should be called before returing true.

Sorry, i currently don’t have the jme sources here so i can’t provide a patch

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Add: It’s in the BoundingSphere.java line 719,

Oh nice catch!
I’ll fix this asap

that’s fixed