Possible Regressions in Blender Loader

I recently upgraded my jMonkeyEngine from svn revision 8953 to svn revision 9152 and noticed some possible regressions.

This blender file, http://aurellem.org/cortex/assets/Models/test-touch/touch-cube.blend, used to load just fine with r8953. Now, it fails with the error “Unknown curve rna path: rotation_euler”. I don’t actually use the animation, so it is unfortunate that that animation is preventing me from loading the file.

Also, the cube in the file has a custom property called “scale,” which has the value 0.1. This used to load correctly and be accessible under the userdata on the node, but now it loads as NaN. I did a little playing around and found that if the number is lower than 1.0 it becomes “NaN” when the file is read. Anything larger than 1.0 is read correctly.

Hope this helps;

I had a similar problem, it looks like the update messed something up with custom properties so that they are no longer saved and loaded any more

EDIT that thread is here http://hub.jmonkeyengine.org/groups/import-assets/forum/topic/blender-object-issue/