PostProccess filters and particle render problem

Hi there,

I,m having a problem with my particle emitter, when my character emits an effect the effect(the particle) does not render over the PostProccesWater in my scene so if the character is standing near a river you cannot see the effect. I played around with .setQueueBucket() method on the particle emitter but i couldn’t find a mode where particles would render in front of the PostProccessWater but behind other characters in the game that were closer to the camera. Does anyone have any suggestions to fix this?

Ill post pictures of exactly what i mean when i get home if i wasn’t clear enough.

What version of jme are you using? Latest stable updates? It should work there afaik.

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FilterPostProcessor fpp;

fpp.addFilter(new TranslucentBucketFilter());


in combination with:




works for me


Exactly what zzuegg said!

Thanks i updated to the latest nightly builds and applied the TranslucentBucketFilter and its all working as intended now just one other thing that started happening after I updated is that in window mode and fullscreen mode the mouse curser is now visible and limits the chaseCams ability to rotate around when it reaches the edge of the screen does anyone know how to disable the curser?

uhhh? does chaseCam.setGrabToRotate(false); changes this?

if chasCam.setGrabToRotate() is true the pointer does dissapear while draging but,

chasCam.setGrabToRotate(false) doesnt help the mouse pointer doesnt go away but you can rotate without draging

i really dont understand why this is happening i didnt change anything after i updated to the latest nightly build except for adding the TranslucentBucketFilter() :frowning:

In the nighlies, SimpleApplication was modified to be able to completely remove the flyCam. The downside of this is that it means that any modifications you do to fly cam in simpleInit() might get overridden when the FlyCamAppState when it finally initializes after simpleInit.

That’s the only thing I can think that would even remotely affect this.

But now you can completely remove fly cam, also. Which is the up side to this issue… all of those apps that have been going through the trouble to disable it will suddenly find it working again and now can completely remove it.

You can either create SimpleApplication without the fly cam or you can remove it completely during simpleInit:


It might not be the issue here but it’s close enough that I thought I would mention it.


Thanks pspeed detatching the flyCamAppState did indeed fix the problem!

much appreciated.