Problem on animation

Hi I am a beginner for JME. I used Blender and Ogre exporter to create my animation. However, I found that the animation looked unnatual when I executed my program. What is the reason and how can I solve the tureproblem? Thanks.

Hi and welcome :slight_smile: We need more information.

What version of Blender?

If 2.5, which Ogre exporter?

Are you using jME Alpha-3 or the latest nightly?

Blender is not inherently optimized for game assets, that job is left to the modeler. It could be that you are using techniques that are not supported by the Ogre exporter or format.

I am using Blender 2.49 with Ogre Meshes Exporter and latest nightly JME3.

Its all documented.

  1. Check the help of the exporter for supported settings
  2. Read the HelloAssets tutorial and specifically the pdf document at the end about exporting from blender