Problem when exporting template and animation created in blender

I’m thinking about creating a game using JMonkeyEngine. I am studying the functions that it has but I always encounter a problem and I have already searched the web but I did not find an answer. I’m studying “Hello Animation” and created (in Blender) a model (a simple character) and made a simple animation. Using the script to export to the ogre format (I believe it is the most recompenseable format), all files except * .skeleton.xml (file containing the animations) are exported.
I’m using blender version 2.78.
I’m using the script that sdk itself gives me.

Ps: Sorry for any mistake … I do not speak English 100% and I do not want to take the risk of saying something that makes other sense.

Have you already followed the steps in:

Thank you. I’ll study what’s on the site.

The Script the sdk provides is at Maximum one year old so I guess it is the latest.

However there are other import Methods (.blend and xbuf) which you can also try out

I know a sdk can convert directly from extension * .blender to * .j3o. However, even using this method (sorry, it was to have said before) the line: “AnimControl cont = model.getControl ();”, the value cont becomes null. I’m using NemesisMate’s advice.

I’m studying using the site information: “”. If I can solve the problem I will inform you here … if I can not inform you here too.

View the j3o in the sdk, controls are bound to certain spatials, so you need to get the sub model first

I think the problem is between blender and jme. I will send a file with some prints with the problem and the file in blender format.

Here is the link … I delayed because the internet (mobile), was quite slow, only now improved.

I made a simple animation of a rolling monkey. When I exported to ogre, it gave this problem. I do not know if turning straight from .blender format to .j3o will work.

I obeyed the “rule” that the animation must contain bones, when I made a boneless animation, I can export normally, but without the skeleton file.

Even without a bone, the problem occurs!

How do I do that?

Ok … I gotta solve (in parts) my problem … I saw the tutorial to get a model and do animation (link: I think I understood what DarkChaos meant about the submodel. And my code looks like this:

Node nod=(Node) assetManager.loadModel(//File);
Spatial spt=nod.getChild(0);
control=spt.getControl(AnimControl.class); // AnimControl control=null

The remainder is the default procedure, creates AnimChannel, and so on.
Now when I run the animation, the camera moves down, and it stops. (I know the animation is running because I put it to show a message when the animation closes.

So… now your problem is…


If so, that’s because you have attached somehow the camera to any node following any bone. Can you post your code?

OK, wait a minute.
I sent the folder containing everything, because I’m a little desperate.

I’m not sure what is supposed to do but the anims are clearly not working. You are using the 3.0 version so first of all I suggest you to try the 3.1 (the importer has many updates).

Another suggestion is, before trying them in the scene try the animations first in the “scene composer”. When you add the model to the model folder and <right click> -> convert to j3o Binary", the j3o is generated in the same folder. <Double click> that j3o or <right click> -> edit in SceneComposer. The “scene explorer” should be opened too (down left, normally).

  • Open the tree untill you arrive to the AnimControl, open it too.
  • Now, <double click> or <right click> -> play on the desired animation. If it works, go on with the code, if not, check what is missing in blender to have it detected by the importer.

PD: In 3.1 the model is doing a movement (but I don’t know if it is a good one)

I am using the version 3.0, i will try to use 3.1.

At least the animation performed

nod = (Node) assetManager.loadModel(“Models/valet/valet.j3o”);

    Node no =(Node) nod.getChild(0);
    Spatial spt=no.getChild(0);
    DirectionalLight sun = new DirectionalLight();
    sun.setDirection((new Vector3f(-0.5f, -0.5f, -0.5f)).normalizeLocal());

    controle = spt.getControl(AnimControl.class);
    if (controle != null) {
        canal = controle.createChannel();