Problem with Bounding Boxes when loading 3ds models

Hi everyone,

i’ve read all the topics of the forum, and didn’t found the key to solve my problem.

The issue is simple, i make a 3d model with Google Sketchup, export it in 3ds format, and loaded in jme. Everything fine. My model is simple a box with the cylinders inside, like Golf holes, so a coin or a ball should fall inside the holes. (see this picture here )

As bounding model, i set up a Bounding Box model. But, as you can see, the coin doesn’t fall in the hole. Just stay in the top of the hole. I assume this happen by the bounding box. The question is: can i avoid this and make the coin fall inside?

Thanks in advance.


The bounding box is going around that entire model you have, so the coin is hitting the box as if there were no holes.  I've never had to tackle this sort of problem in jME though, so I can't offer to much help at the moment :frowning:

thanks sbook for your response. I have the same opinion, the bounding box is covering all the model and don't let the coin insert into the hole.

Maybe some method o way to avoid the bounding box, or convert it to a trimesh or something else?

there is an alternative to do this approach, using another program than Sketchup or another format?