Problem with MW3D - Terrain in JME

Sorry guys for disturbing, but I got a problem again.

I started with making a .jme file with a few meshes and textured terrain and

tried to run the scene with JME:

Implented Code for testing:

try {

Node scene;

File f=new File(filename);

scene = (Node) BinaryImporter.getInstance().load(f);             


} catch (IOException e) {



If I run the test there are no errors at startup but I only got the meshes in the view and not the terrain.

So correct me please if I am wrong but if I understand the jme API right,

Node is the holder of the terrain and the terrain is appended to the scene.

So what I am doing wrong, do I need to append the terrain on another way to the rootNode or load it directly with the HeightMap?



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I don't know the class file, is it from JME?

Maybe you forgot to enable the zbuffer?