Problem with StaticPhysicsNode + skybox

Hi all,

      I have some problems trying to use a Skybox in a StaticNode. I have attached a FaultFractalHeightMap terrain + elements in a StaticPhysicsNode in order to use physics. But when I try to put a skybox in it, the scene looks absurd (a tiny skybox in the middle of a huge scene).

      Also, I

Why do you want to put physics on a skybox?  It doesn't really make sense unless you want an object to collide with the sky, and even then it wouldn't work to well since the real sky isn't a giant cube.  Just make a skybox as normal.


   Maybe I didn't explain myself correctly. I have a FaultFractalHeightMap in a StaticPhysicsNode. I would like to insert a skybox (using the buildSkybox() function). But when I do it, it doesn't look correct. I see a tiny skybox just under my terrain. If I change the parameters in: skybox = new Skybox("skybox", 10, 10, 10); I could see a bigger one but it doesn't fit at all.

   If I use the rootNode instead of the StaticPhysicsNode everything looks nice (making the skybox as normal) but then my scene doesn't have physics.

   I hope this will be a better explanation.