Problem with Tutorial 8

I have problem with DynamicPhysicsNode i added onother DynamicPhysicsNode in tutorial 8 of jme physics 2 where could i jump on but whene i jump on it my controls for goving foword and backwords become reverst while the moving object is on top of the ohter object.

i this idended to be so if so how to avoid it

I jut stated with jme pysics so i dont get it whats is hepening

plzz help

I tried out the sam, but I don’t have the same problems like you, it works all fine:

I added this:

        DynamicPhysicsNode box2= getPhysicsSpace().createDynamicNode();
        rootNode.attachChild( box2 );
        final Box visualFloorBox4 = new Box( "floor4", new Vector3f(), 3, 0.25f, 3 );
        box2.attachChild( visualFloorBox4 );
        box2.setLocalTranslation(-15, 1, 0 );