Probleme with rendering on ATI : strange clipping


I got problem with the rendering on a computer with ATI graphic card. The probleme doesn’t appear on my GeForce. Do you know where it comes from?

For information, geometry are all homebrew prism mesh and they borders are touching but not overlapping. The material is lighting with a basic diffuse texture or solid color. there is only one light. Scale is 1:1 (building are about 40 world units height)

Thanks in advance.

Uploaded with

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I think most cards only support triangles as meshes.

Thanks for your answer, but all the faces of my prisms are triangulated. I used a modifiied Quad class to make them.

Is the material custom too? Or what material do you use for those areas?

it is lighting.jm3d material with a simple diffuse texture, no customisation.

This issue is due to Z-fighting, the triangles on the floor are coplanar with other triangles. You could increase the depthbuffer percision by using AppSettings.setDepthBits(), a value like 24 or 32 is acceptable.

Another solution would be to increase the height between the floor and whatever other triangles you have on it.

Hi and thank you for your answer. It seems that you’re right but I don’t find the method AppSettings.setDepthBits(). I only see the method .getDepthBits() (BTW after a rapid check, it is actualy set to 24 bit).

Do we have different versions of JME? I work with the january builds. Is there another way to change the depth buffer precision?

Thanks again.


Check this tutorial out:

You can’t just arbitrarily go AppSettings.doododododo(); It’s a variable that you apply before you start the application, and ONLY before you start the application.