Procedural Spaceship Generator in Blender

I’ve stumbled upon this nifty Blender Plugin:


Wow… that’s awesome!!

So does it like… Work off a seed?

This is one of the coolest things Ive seen.

Very neat , I shall give it a try.

wow jus tested, it actually works :9

for the blender noobs like me: after following the install, just press space and type spaceship into that box, than you should get the function/item to generate a spaceship.

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Actually lets make a game out of this, standart blender startup, delete the cube generate a spaceship, and click render. Post result, first spaceship represents you :slight_smile:


I sometime wonder do you really look like this :confused: :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s pretty cool. Now someone needs to port this script over to JME :slight_smile:

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I thought the same thing.

Like the smiley faces?

Not really.

Or the lion? Maybe.

…and because I frequently take threads off topic with pictures…

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Last week at her piano recital: (not the best picture of me)

I probably shouldn’t leave my son out of this… so about 1 year ago:

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I looked at the python code … it’s pretty simple. Just have to write an extrude class for JME It just extrudes against the normal map subsection.

And something that replaces the bevel modifier to “smooth” the angles

That’s EXACTLY how I had imagined :smiley:

You can smooth angles by simple generating the proper normals afterwards. That’s the easy part.

Since it generates the SAME space ship every time with the same seed it would be a GREAT addition to space games. The user generates their ship and all you have to do is save the seed. It would be a game changer if someone actually ported it.


No, with the bevel modifier you smooth the geometry and keep the faces looking flat, try to disable it in blender.

I get it now. Yes you are correct.

I think I’m gonna use it for my game.

space and beyond !

Why doesn’t it generate materials for me? It just generates a shi p that is all of same color…