Project Darkstar

They’ve finally put up the the early access release :smiley:

:-o :-o  glad you posted this, first ive heard of it

Not so interisting for me, but may be for some of you: DarkStar is now "officially" open source

there is more info over on javagaming.


I was actually quite excited when Darkstar first came out, but (and granted this was only the first release, it's been a while since I've looked at it and need to check back) though there were some pretty awesome features to it, the performance didn't seem very good and some of the features…well…kinda sucked. :o

Hopefully that's all resolved now though.  They do have some really promising features for MMOs.

So it appears that NCSoft has been involved in using Darkstar to prototype a MMORPG?

Validating the strength of the Project Darkstar technology, NCsoft, the leader in the worldwide Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game Platform  MMORGP) market, is currently prototyping new games on the Darkstar platform.

I'd say it's no secret that we commit plenty of source code back to the community from work…

we commit plenty of source code back to the community from work

Oh I agree!

I was wondering if the announcement of NCSoft using Project DarkStar was referring to your project, or another one within NCSoft.

I guess this is what I get for reading to many blogs and trying to put together conspiracy theories I concoct!  :)

you know things are getting bigger when "media" starts speculating around it etc…