Project migration from 3.0 to 3.1


So basically we tried to migrate our project to 3.1 and see how it would go. Despite a few problematics which were solved eventually, we were able to open the game in 3.1 as well, however there are a few things which really make me think whether we should migrate it or not at this point in time.

1 - Blender model can’t be imported if it has animations thus converted to .j3o

2 - The same .j3o model’s animation which worked in 3.0 perfectly, in 3.1 is partly deformed as animation. Wondering if there are guidelines on how to save animations in 3.1 ( Blender importer )

3 - the native bullet libraries make the whole game very glitchy and the characterControl slides always ( haven’t tried the betterCharacterControl ). With the 3.0 version of the native libraries the characterControl did slide however the game was not glitchy. Reverted back to jbullet anyway.

4 - Seem like the inputs have changed. If I stop pressing a key my character simply doesn’t stop moving. Guidelines on how to migrate input’s?

Well basically this is our experience in migrating the project to 3.1. What really scares me the most is the fact that most changes might be non documented thus making it very hard to work on 3.1. We couldn’t even find any examples and all the tests I tried for 3.1 didn’t work. Is there something we are missing here?

Thank you :slight_smile:

For others to help properly, can you confirm which version of 3.1 you are using?

I’ve also had problems with the blender importer since updating to 3.1.

But I have been able to import models with animations it’s just certain models tend to freeze up the SDK.

You can export with ogre which I’m currently attempting to get used to, though it isn’t as easy as using the Action Editor.

@pspeed I have tried the 3.1-beta1_xbuf-SNAPSHOT version of the SDK for the blender importer. For the other libraries I have used the 3.1 beta 1 version from the maven repository.

@BigBob I have used the ogre exporter before, however going from 3.0 to 3.1 I would expect to use the fbx loader by now rather than go back to ogre. That is not the most serious problem anyway. Just something worth noting.

@BigBob and @engjellrraklli did any of you guys use the dynamic shadow renderer in both versions? I’ve migrated from 3.0 in the past few days and pretty much everything works fine (I use ogre for models) except the DLSR.

@MoffKalast Not really, I haven’t used it at all. However I don’t see the way it would effect my model animations. I also don’t see the way it would effect the way the inputs are handled or the fact that native bullet slows my game down dramatically.

If you aren’t developing a third person game probably you won’t notice the problems I am noticing. However I think that probably most of my issues are due to changes in the engine rather than bugs. I just don’t know where to retrieve the documentation for the changes for 3.1.

Well there is this option, but it may take a while:

Thank you, it’s a little bit far from a proper documentation. However I have already all the libraries in gradle ( The 3.1 ones are commented ) so switching won’t be painful as soon as a documentation will be made ( or bugs fixed ).

The Blender importer is likely never to be very stable. It’s really kind of an impossible job and there is only one person working on it.

The game specific formats like Ogre3d (which most people here recommend for exporting from blender and keeping animations) or the newer (and in my opinion better in the long run) xbuff support are likely to give better results.

Xbuff is nice because you can see live updates between blender and JME. Also, while it is a general format, it was written with JME’s needs in mind.

@pspeed I understand that but however, it has worked quite nicely for me until now. I didn’t want to switch to ogre for the simple fact that it would have been replaced by fbx in 3.1. I will try Xbuff for sure, is it stable already ? If not probably I will just use the Ogre3d importer.

For some people. For some people for certain models the Blender plugin was horribly broken in 3.0. It’s such a fragile thing to try to do that fixing one thing often breaks something else. Keeping up with a proprietary format is really an impossible job in the end.

It turns out that supporting animation is really hard. The rest is pretty easy for these various formats. They all seem to stall right at the “implement animation” point. FBX is currently a great format if you don’t need animation.

Xbuff supports animation, though. So we are fortunate there. :slight_smile:

Yes I remember that the animation is on a different inner node. Or there is a node more around or so.

This isn’t true. I’ve exported and used models I’ve animated with multiple skeletons and multiple animation.

But I would suggest to people to use the ogre exporter now and eventually the new fbx one which I need to try out.