Proper syntax for using an OgreMaterialList

I'm trying to import a model that I exported from Blender using the OgreMeshExporter tool. However, when I try to add the texture to it, jME seems to completely ignore the UV coordinates of the texture and maps it in all sorts of wacky ways. So my question is: what is the proper syntax to use when texturing a model that uses an OgreMaterialList?

For me setting materials work, so code plz?

might it be that you forgot to add light ?

Here's the source code I'm using (forgive the generic names, it's because I'm trying to get this to work :|)

public Spatial loadModel() {
        OgreMaterialList mats = (OgreMaterialList) assetManager.loadAsset(new AssetKey("Models/Scene.material"));
        Spatial model = (Spatial) assetManager.loadAsset(new OgreMeshKey("Models/Mesh.mesh.xml", mats));
        Material mat = new Material(assetManager, "Common/MatDefs/Misc/SimpleTextured.j3md");
        TextureKey key = new TextureKey ("Textures/Example_Texture.png");
        Texture texture = assetManager.loadTexture(key);
        mat.setTexture("m_texture", texture);

        return model;

I exported the model from Blender using "Rendering materials," which showed up just fine in Blender's renderer, but for some reason don't map right in jME.

It's possible you need to flip the texture during loading, try creating the TextureKey with the flipY parameter set to true.

I had to put the texture into the same directory as the model, but adding the flipY to the TextureKey seems to have worked, thanks.