Pros/cons alternative interface libraries?


I’ve been experimenting some with Nifty GUI lately, but I was wondering; are there any other viable alternatives to use with JME3? I was thinking about:

  • Qt
  • GTK+
  • ...other?

Any pros, cons? I'm not really interested in Swing performance-wise. Like the saying goes, "friends don't let their friends Swing".

I dont exactly know what you want to know because NiftyGUI happens inside the render view whereas swing and all the others you mention happen around the render view… To answer both questions, there is no other GUI library like NiftyGUI to create dropdowns etc. inside the render view and there is no other way than swing canvas to embed the render view into another windowing system. There is systems to display swing/awt elements in other windowing system though, so you might want to experiment with some QtSwingWindows or something.

Thanks for the swift reply, and for the answer. Alright, so there’s no alternatives to paint inside the render view; good. :slight_smile: I’ve tried canvassing before, and I didn’t much like it with Swing. Suppose I’ll stick to Nifty! Having some problems with dynamic resizing of a Nifty object, but nothing that’s not solvable I think.