Quake3 Level Loaders

Sorry For My Language,

Why No one is trying for a Quake3 bsp loader or any other standard Game World Loader for JME

I saw that Q3 level loader in XIth3D demos that was Coooool with Lights,Forces,Gravity & Perfect Collision.

Mojo must have seen that Xith3D Q3 Demo

I Dont know how to read nodes into Trimeshes.

Even if i try i dont think i will be able to apply render states based on each polygons texture,because Q3 levels cannot be considered as Grouped, each polygon can have any texture -Total No: textures will be huge and Loading time will be enormous.Previosly i had created some simple levels in MilkShape.

But Bounding collision was returning collision every time inside the Level.

Maybe because the world itself was inside a big Bounding Sphere.