Quaternion NosuchMethodError (noob)

Hello everybody,

I am trying to make a very simple application (more like a test) using jmephysics(0.4) and jme(0.9) and lwjql 0.98.

In my sample app I am trying to create a terrain and have an object that falls on the terrain.

Since  I am new to jme I do not kknow exactly how to do it but I guess it is sth like that:

package jme2;
import com.jme.app.SimpleGame;
import com.jme.scene.shape.Box;
import com.jme.math.Vector3f;
import com.jmex.physics.*;
import com.jme.math.Quaternion;

public class Main extends SimpleGame{
    public static void main (String[] args)
        Main app = new Main();
     protected void simpleInitGame() {
     Box b = new Box("MYBOX", new Vector3f(10,10,10),100,100,100);
     DynamicPhysicsObject s = new DynamicPhysicsObject(b, 45);
     Box c = new Box ("Terrain", new Vector3f (-100, -5, -100), 0,0, 0);
     StaticPhysicsObject myTerrain = new StaticPhysicsObject(c);
    Quaternion q = new Quaternion (1,1,1,1);
    Quaternion p = q.set(q);*/

I seem to be getting this error using NetBeans 4.1 and java 1.4.2_04
the same thing happens if I use java 1.5 so I do not think its a java problem.
Thank you very much

I forgot to submit the debugging info :stuck_out_tongue:

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.jme.math.Quaternion.set(Lcom/jme/math/Quaternion;)V
        at com.jmex.physics.PhysicsSynchronizer.update(PhysicsSynchronizer.java:86)
        at com.jme.scene.Spatial.updateWorldData(Unknown Source)
        at com.jme.scene.Spatial.updateGeometricState(Unknown Source)
        at com.jme.scene.Node.updateWorldData(Unknown Source)
        at com.jme.scene.Spatial.updateGeometricState(Unknown Source)
        at com.jme.app.SimpleGame.initGame(Unknown Source)
        at com.jme.app.BaseGame.start(Unknown Source)
        at jme2.Main.main(Main.java:24)
Apr 4, 2006 11:35:08 PM com.jme.app.SimpleGame cleanup

See this thread:


I think you have the same problem.


I build it again from the CVS and everything seems to be working ok…

Still I can not apply gravity, but I am looking further on it…

thank you very much for your reply