Question about culling


i have a trimesh that I would like not to be affected by culling so that the back will be drawn. Problem is that when setting:

   CullState cul = display.getRenderer().createCullState();

the backside of the trimesh is gone - as its supposed to with CS_BACK, but when I set setCullMode(Spatial.CULL_NEVER) on the trimesh it still does not draw the back of it. If I set CULL_.ALWAYS its never shown, as it shouldn't, so it seem to registre the setCullMode method. Is it just me that don't understand culling or shouldn't the CULL_NEVER indicate that no culling will occur on the mesh?

If you want to draw the backside of a mesh, you need to use CS_NONE or CS_FRONT.  CS_BACK means OpenGL will not draw back facing polygons.  Other culling hints and such that you set will not be able to override that.

Oh ok, thanks.

Maybe I should read up on the opengl part before asking more 'dumb' questions :wink:

No worries. :slight_smile: