Question regarding SimplePhysics system in sim-eth-es example

Hi Paul

In your SimplePhysics system in server side inside BodyContainer when detecting any entity with these components (which contains both static and mobile entities)

public BodyContainer( EntityData ed ) {
            super(ed, Position.class, MassProperties.class, SphereShape.class);

You add BodyPosition components for all (both static and mob entities) in BodyPositionPublisher

    public void addBody( Body body ) {
        // The server side needs hardly any backlog.  We'll use 3 just in case
        // but 2 (even possibly 1) should be fine.  If we ever need to rewind
        // for shot resolution then we can increase the backlog as necessary
        BodyPosition bPos = new BodyPosition(3);
        // Note: we could have also initialized the body position here but
        // we've already done it in SimplePhysics's EntityContainer.
        ed.setComponent(body.bodyId, bPos);

Shouldn’t we add it only for mob entities ?
Doesn’t this cause ZoneManager to send update for all entities both mobs and statics ? Or ZoneManager only listens to PhysicsObserver changes ?

Why would a static object have MassProperties? (Or even a SphereShape for that matter but lets deal with the clearly wrong one first.)

Hmm, I was thinking to this by keeping bullet physic in my mind (because we have them in bullet version of physic) and that confused me. Yes in SimplePhysic static object has no mass property. I should reconsider on them in bullet version.