Radeon X1950 pro under linux someone?

Hi folks

I'm seriously considering to upgrade my pc and can't find info if the Radeon X1950 pro is running with jme on ubuntu / linux.

If You have experience with this card in general and on linux 3D in special, please drop me a note.

… and yes i know that nvidia is generaly the best bet on linux (i adviced this more than once myself) but i just can't resist the price / performance ratio of

this special card if i can make it work on linux.

Ok, no one with experience on the topic so i'll take the save way and stick with nvidia once again.

I'm going to order a GF 7900 GS which should have some less performance on win xp but should work without hassles on linux too.

Personally, I use SimplyMepis…it's an awesome distro, and has easy installers for Nvidia and ATI drivers, as well as many proprietary drivers.  It's only on a CD, and is a LiveCD, so I suggested downloading it and at least giving it a try…but I guess that's besides the point…

I doubt you'll get much help here in the way of linux-specific information (unless related to jME issues), as a lot of that is better answered in the forums for the distribution you're using.

Thanks for the suggestion sarcius.

I have read many googled sources on the topic and came to the conclusion that support for the X1950 cards on linux is very new and there are some troubles

to be expected on trying to getting it to run.

In the menatime i got my EVGA GF7900 GS KO delivered for 99

Yeah, I use Nvidia for all my machines, mainly for that reason and because I've never owned an ATI, so don't know…oh, and I forgot to mention that Mepis is running on a Ubuntu core, so that might make it more attractive for you to try out.  :smiley:

Mepis is running on a Ubuntu core
Last time I used it Mepis was based on Debian (like Ubuntu), also I use 2 different ATI cards in Ubuntu, 9800pro and and x1400 in my laptop. the ATI drivers are finally at the point where they are easy to install and the performance is excellent. then again if I was buying a new card I would buy an NVidia as ATI drivers were a headache for so long I have to get over my ATI anger first  8)

edit: also desktop effects are still more difficult to setup w/ ATI in Ubuntu whereas they 'just work' with NVidia. quote from ubuntu guide:
Install Xgl (This is the main problem with ATI cards. The fglrx driver will not support the built-in Compiz feature in Ubuntu and we need Xgl to run our new version of Beryl with an ATI card.)
mud2005 said:

Last time I used it Mepis was based on Debian (like Ubuntu)

Yeah, they had switched from Debian to the Ubuntu core at release 6.  Try out Mepis 6.5  :)

Still is compatible with Debian packages, too.  So...a good amount of the Ubuntu information can be applied to Mepis (just that sudo isn't used all the time).

Well sarcius, since i switched from suse to ubuntu i'm really satisfied with it and i tend to stick with a system when i get comfortable with.

( At last transited from win 98 to win xp for gaming issues 3 months ago too :slight_smile: )

mud2005 i read at the ubuntu forums that ati support has catched up quit a bit from last i looked, but only for older cards like the x9… and x1xxx  up to the x1900,

but i found quite some posts from x1950 users having troubles getting their card to work.

I'm running with a Radeon Mobility 7500 on SuSE here, and I can run jME pretty well. I've only some problems getting XGL working since I cannot use the fglrx driver.