RagdollControl progress

Hey monkeys,

I’ve been working on the RagdollControl lately.

It’s still a WIP and there are still a lot more to do, but it came to the point that it’s fun !!

So enjoy :


Since everything is better with yaketi sax…heh :stuck_out_tongue:

If someone is interested in the tech details behind this, I’ll post in this thread.


rofl @the end huge ball :))

very nice ^^

Lol awesome. This is really great work remy, as this means so much more than just a falling ragdoll when its done. To give you all a small hint, have a look at this video.

P.S.: And another proof of the awesome powers of yakety sax xD

Very nice , i’ve waited for a ball shoot his “ball” ← just kidding :stuck_out_tongue: … The rag doll behavior is quite natural but he fell all the time, I saw some where a ragdoll can have the “balance skill” to against the force, something more AI related, have you planed this in your ragdoll yet? :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah as I said it’s a WIP, the plan is to make him fall only if the impact is strong enough an just totter if he can handle the impact.

I also plan to implement smooth transition to animation when the ragdoll gives the control back to the animControl.

Also I’m planning to implement IK but I still have to read a bit more about it.

Oto < Sinbad < Physics < Yakety Sax < BOULDER

atomix said:
I saw some where a ragdoll can have the "balance skill" to against the force, something more AI related, have you planed this in your ragdoll yet? :p

Err where? I guess Honda would find that interesting, they still fail to make a robot walk so that it doesn't fall over. Its really complicated simply "balancing" a body, took our ape ancestors quite a while to learn that too.


<= Yes , they make their rag doll a “balance skill” or they are good in faking it :smiley:

You can find their rag doll somehow is a real intelligent AI and in the beginning they do creepy waving like a “pop star” too :stuck_out_tongue:

@nehon : I guess IK will solve the weird and creepy behavior like leg bend backward or so …

Animation blend with drag force is really brilliant idea <= It will make you feel the doll more lively not a rig-cut puppet when they fall!

But what you show us is impressive, wish that other thing coming soon !

atomix said:
It will make you feel the doll more lively

ho yeah...I saw that movie... :D

Those euphoria guys know their way around ragdolls, that's awesome...a tad discouraging even...
Honestly, don't expect that kind of advanced features, at least not in 3.0 ;)

Thanks for your kind comments ;)

@nehon: Yeah , it’s way too much for a game engine , a rag doll know everything , wave hand , feel the pain … What else they can integrate in to it ??? And in fact , they said it’s in real-time , even a simplest neural network for that can’t run in real time I think … Or just in the lastest box O_o

Thats euphora… Its simulating the movement differently. They are not really balancing but “faking” it too to some extent… Anyway you are aware that you bring the high-end example here? :slight_smile: Euphora has been licensed by Rockstar, Sony and more. And definitely not because they are bad coders :wink:

I had a lot of fun playing this game a few years ago ( watching the videos is actually more fun ) :slight_smile:


Great work rémy!

thanks Rickard. This video is hilarious :stuck_out_tongue:

This is now committed into the last SVN revision.

You can whack Sinbad for free by launching theTestBoneRagdoll test case

Guess Yakety Sax would make this better too but I had no time :wink:

Video link


This is gonna be fun to break things around with him :smiley:

I have a few questions about this

  1. will it be possible to say mask or delay the effect on certain joints…let say like u want a character’s upper body to “flop over” a bit after a punch to the gut but not go completely down.

  2. “capture” the ragdolls “fallen or on ground pose orientation” and blend it it into an animated “fallen or on ground pose orientation” you then play a “getting up” animation smoothly

    edit completeness…that’s what happens when I steal a few minutes from doing the spreadsheets while no ones looking :slight_smile:
  1. yes
  2. yes

    At least that’s the plan…I’ll do my best :wink:

Can’t wait :smiley: