Raycollision on terrain


I’m trying to pick the mouse on a terrain, where I use the (physics)node of the terrain for (I assume this is possible, since I cannot pick the terrainquad itself).

However, it won’t find a collision. I made an example with the use of terraintestcollision.java.

The code has problems being placed here, maybe to big something so I shall place it online.




We hope to get this fixed soon.


I’m having a similar issue. I didn’t download kajos’ file to see what happened, but when I try to do ‘picking’ on my terrain with ray casting, the program isn’t doing what I want it to and instead it’s writing out to the screen two values that are the same and doing nothing.

Example results:

dir1 Ray [Origin: (74.712776, 2.5039647, -29.19911), Direction: (-0.76846164, 0.04978642, -0.637956)]
dir2 Ray [Origin: (74.712776, 2.5039647, -29.19911), Direction: (-0.76846164, 0.04978642, -0.637956)]
Picked 5