Re-create in blender?

I want to create 3D models in blender, of course, but I am no fan of UV-Mapping, and I noticed that doesn’t use UV-Mapping, but instead multiple images. Can I use that technique in blender, and what is it called. You don’t have to say how to use it, just say what it is in blender, maybe a link or 2, and that’s it :smile:

Afaik town contains j3o files that cannot be converted back to a blender compatible format. And if you could convert its contents you’d swiftly discover it’s just another UV unwrapped model like all the rest of renderable 3d models in existence.

Multiple textures just means multiple materials.

Yep, if it has textures then it has UVs.

like all the rest of renderable 3d models in existence.

Oh darn :angry:

Well, is there any simpler way to UV-Map, maybe an addon in blender that simplifies it for you or something? UV-Mapping just confuses me.

Blender → edit mode → A (select all) → U → smart uv project.

Seams will be all over the place, but it requires next to no effort.

Not that I know of. Just a matter of watching a few tutorials and a lot of practice. I haven’t met anyone who actually likes this part of 3D modelling, but it’s a necessary evil.

Still I hear that ZBrush has the best auto unwrapping there is, if you have the cash for it.

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You should try texturing the direct result of that hahaha

That may and just may produce a workable result if you set up all the seams properly first, and a lot better one if done piece by piece of the model in my experience. But even that isn’t quite right every time.

To properly UV map, you first have to understand what UVs actually are. I’ve recently become aware that a lot of people don’t even know what UVs do.

If you know what UVs are for then this is a pretty straight-forward trip through using blender to UV unwrap:

I went from clueless to functional in just the first 15 minutes or so.

When you just said that, I was just watching that video :laughing:

I also understand it much more

Ehh, it’s good enough if you already have your materials assigned to faces and just need an UV layout so you can bake and export.

Well I suppose if you only want to export normals and baked SSAO that would work. But I was under impression that OP wanted diffuse textures.