Ready to join as an artist

Hi friends. I see you have got not so much artists here. To stimulate your development I’m ready to join as an artist. But I need a good description of what you want. I hope I can be useful for you.

My last works were paintings:

Gamedev 3d:

Gamedev browser games:

At present i’ve been studying java and glsl, but my programming skills are not so good yet. I hope i’ll be useful in art content for a while.

I think i’ll be able to make 1-3 models per week.




I would love to get some help with models

Can we talk by pm? and eventually msn or something

Edit: I see you are much into space and fiction. I needmore realisitc characters and stuff

Yes we can talk about the stuff related to this project (MonkeyZone).

skype: mifthbeat

Hey cool, this is good news, as soon as we have the release done I will come back to you.

@normen I can also work as a modeler for MonkeyZone.

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we can join together, iamcreasy.


What aspects you would like to do?

  • concept art
  • modeling
  • sculpting
  • texture painting
  • animation

    Are you good with blender 2.56?

I prefer modeling.

ok, cool!

Is there any concept artist yet?

iamcreasy said:
Is there any concept artist yet?

Yeah, @mifth has posted some sketches already. There should be a new thread soon.

Thank god I finished my last exam yesterday…

I really want to join as an artist .

I have skill in 3d modeling and painting . May be concept is a good choice for me.

I 've got “talent” of drawing human being object (girls…) and robot too …

You can see some art ( 2d only) of mine :


Good news and nice art! let’s make concepts or 2 races. Monkeys and humans.

What tools are you using?

I use mypaint and gimp.

I use PS 4 for painting and 3dsmax for modeling …

I can use Blender too but if it not my only choice i prefer max for the ease of use!

8 --)

No problem. As, for me I use blender. Ok, i’ll post here some my thoughts today/tomorrow.

atomix said:
Thank god I finished my last exam yesterday...
I really want to join as an artist .

I have skill in 3d modeling and painting . May be concept is a good choice for me.
I 've got "talent" of drawing human being object (girls....) and robot too ...

You can see some art ( 2d only) of mine :

wow man, those are really something :)

How good you are at texturing?

@iamcreasy : My painting skill is quite fine so of course I can do the texture too … :stuck_out_tongue:

Like @mifth said :

I really want know the detail document of the character designing for Monkey Zone … ?

Is there a plot (ect…) already … ???

My skype acc is : say_i_love_you_4ever . <= You guys can add me if you want to chat !

There is no plot and no specific story or anything either, first step will simply be multiplayer gameplay without any story elements. Visually/stylewise I’d say I give mifth / you guys the lead here, of course nehons existing Buggy and HoverTank model styles should be considered so the whole thing doesn’t look like its patched together from turbosquid :wink: Testing new assets in MonkeyZone is really easy, you just have to prepare them in jMP and add physics etc. and then replace the model name in the code or use worldManager.addNewEntity(assetPath, location, rotation) in ServerGameManager.

Awesome to see you all interested and contributing! Now that SpiderMonkey is being fixed I am sure I get back to development very very soon.

Ah, forgot to say, to get an impression of the original game, you can download a windows7 compatible version of the 1998 original here:

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Yaeh , it’s getting hotter … Let’s the monkey drive crazy and kill some space creature !

Hey guys nice to see there are people getting into MonkeyZone design.

For now we have 3 models really, the Hover tank, the buggy, the Recycler (a WIP by Iwsquad).

They need some changes (the tank normal maps need to be red inverted, the buggy has it’s wheels reverted when making it a physic vehicle, and the recycler needs to be finished).

The color of those assets are grayish because i was planning to be able to add some kind of color overlay (like red, green , blue) depending on the “team” the vehicle is on.

The vehicles needs to look futuristics

I was thinking of making some kind of trooper (would look like a marine, but with some kind of futuristic combat suit).

I’m really bad at drawing, what i usually do it looking for some pictures in google, to get inspiration, then open blender and start from the default cube.

But since you guys seem to be hot on conceptualizing let’s do it :smiley:

Please make a thread for each model idea, so we can post concept arts/remarks/ideas/wip etc…in the appropriate thread.

Then we can decide who’s is doing what.

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