Recent math update (Math 2.0) breaks jme3 engine

Since the beginning of the universe, the math lords created math and haven’t updated it since. Just today, the math lords updated math in the nickname, ‘Math 2.0’. This change in math didn’t just affect how math works, it also affected many other things in the universe.

On the github repo for Math, the readme says the following were changed:

  • negative times negative is a negative
  • pi is equal to 4 (due to people not able to memorize it)
  • the universe is no longer expanding, but shrinking
  • radiation half life has been renamed to radiation go away so you can’t be confused with Valve’s Half-Life Series
  • added a new math symbol called SloofLirpa (sl), which when used will delete both variables from existence
  • life is officially equivalent to 43, not 42
  • and many more changes

I am extremely mad at this update to math because all of my jme3 projects no longer work properly due to all the calculations being incorrect. I even ran a normal java file that prints 1+1, and the output in the console was:


All of the jme3 community must riot to the math lords to revert back to Math 1.0!!!


I am old school. I will always stick to 42! … Don’t panic and don’t forget your towel!

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** WARNING ***
Security issue with patches related to Math 2.0. Top security firms recommend waiting for patch 1.0 which in the new math comes after 2.0.
Vulnerabilities include a zero-day exploit that turns your liver to jello and makes your children speak in random tongues.


Hmmm if this is the case, I think upgrading to Math 2.0 might miraculously fix some of my projects, I never quite got the logic behind that Math 1.0 stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


Especially the @OrSomethingLikeThat annotation. It fixes all the maths.


Did the math lords at least make all those nasty trig integrals solve themselves in Math 2.0?

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This is just great. Now it’ll inevitably get forked, both versions will be used forever, and we’re basically Python all the way down now.

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