Recommend libraries for a project

I am coding a minecraft clone. A full fledged minecraft clone. First I felt like it should be implemented from scratch but then I decided to use libraries so that I could focus on the game development part. A friend of mine in real life suggested the cubes library but I would love to get more suggestions

Blocks library you mean probably.

Anyway the keyword in general is “Voxel” library.

Cubes in minecraft are not really cubes, but Quads on visible sides only, and only where is free space from “cubes”.

There are also many techniques like greedy meshing or light floodflow or etc for “minecraft worlds”

In JME are ton of libs and ton of started games people were doing. Even one Minecraft Mod with physics.

Simple example is active Mythruna project of Paul.

Anyway this is probably lib you search for:

If you ask about my suggestion, then any lib that can add/remove/update chunks of voxels easly/fast with features like water/physics/etc will be fine. You can even simulate this minecraft “microcubes” just by making smaller chunk version over bigger chunk version.


like @oxplay2 mentioned you can use the Blocks library. It will help you overcome the first hurdles when making this kind of game. Block/Chunk management, creating a mesh per chunk etc…

At the moment I’m finishing the work for version 2 of Blocks that will be a major release and will not be compatible with previous versions. It’s almost done (like 95%) but sometimes life gets in the way and you need to reassess your priorities in life. It will come, just don’t know when.

If you have questions I’m always glad to help out.


And it is probably worth saying…

If you are making a minecraft style game because: “you really love that type of game and want to make your own”… then proceed as you are.

If you are doing it because “the graphics look simple so it must be a simple kind of game to make” then that could not be further from the truth and you might want to reconsider.

Despite their look, block world games are some of the hardest type to make because on some level, none of the standard stuff works. Something like an FPS is dead-simple in comparison.


Are you really going to make a minecraft clone? As in literally remake minecraft. Or are you creating something in the blockworld genre that does something different to minecraft.

(As someone with a blockworld game I’m a little sensitive about the term “minecraft clone”; we don’t call all FPSs a “doom clone”. Minecraft wasn’t even the first blockworld)

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