Reflection and Refraction for Lighting material

Hey monkeys ,

I merged the reflection material with the Lighting material

So now you can set an env map to a an object material and set use UseReflection to true

The reflection use the specular map to know what part of the material should reflect.

You have 2 params to set :

ReflectionPower : the spec map is raised to that power, the higher this value the more the shiny part will reflect and the less the not shiny part will do

ReflectionIntensity : the higher the value the more the reflection is visible (max is 1).

here is a screen of with (bottom) and without (top) reflection


It’s pretty. See, now I’m trying to think how I might generate an environment map on the fly of the Mythruna sky… :wink: How am I ever supposed to get any real work done? :slight_smile:

hehe, that’s pretty neat. I’m sorta wondering how my sprites would react to this. Bet if I set the billboards to front and back it might work kinda neat. If I actually get to that point (LOLLERSKATES), I’ll let you know :stuck_out_tongue:

On a side note, is that buggy going for the world record in midair hang time? :stuck_out_tongue:



Hello !

I have been looking for this for a long time now. I just found where to get the file… (need the 3 “Ligthing” files)

But where can I download what contains the latest stuff ? The auto upgrade in the sdk never updated my MatDefs… It makes me wonder what other fabulous stuff I missed out on…