Reimplementation of generated textures in blender importer

Hey everyone,

I’m going to reimplement import of generated textures from blender.

The reason is the blender licence which is GPL and does not fit to jme :frowning:

This means that we cannot use the derived code.

I’ll put all my efforts to this. But I’ll need some help because this is not that easy.

I will need algorithms for generating textures and noises such as:

Perlin noise

Voronoi noise

Musgrave noise

and several others.

I have found several but that is not yet enough.

If anyone caould provide me with links to the algorithms I would be very grateful :slight_smile:

I hope that the reimplemnetation will not take much time.

You know that we have a noise library (by @anthyon) inside jme3 already at the moment? I don’t know about the implementation details tho.

Oh right,

I saw it some time ago and completly forgot about it.

But it is not inside the core, is it?

I’ll check what is inside and contact @anthyon then :slight_smile:

The code isn’t, the jar file is.