Remote playing on different system

I am just considering on remote playing from my old amiga 1200 with network card and the game run on server with my jme game. I’m struggling with some problems to solve on couple of fields.
In theory I could use simple client on amiga with controler to remote playing but there is no efficient java on amiga. Have you guys any idea how to perform this ?
The second problem is how to simulate connection speed in LAN?
Idea could be breath new life for retro gamers with weak platforms. BTW I think remote playing it is near, or not so distant future of gaming.

An Amiga? I seriously doubt it. I think something like a Raspberry Pi or one of the other micro computers is more realistic.

yeah Raspberry Pi can run a lot for its size :slight_smile:

The idea is to stream frames. I know it is more like study case but I like challenges. Theoretically it can succeed. Resolution of one frame on a1200 is 320x 256x 8 bit it gives some around 50KB per frame. With DMA speed around 7mB/s and network speed around 1mB/s it would be done ( or not ). Of course we are talkin about extremally weak amiga so far.

So say it’s 56kb. At 30fps that’s 1.64Mb/sec. It’s possible if the processor can write an entire screen 30 times a second then you’re on to something, but I seriously doubt it can at a lowly 66MHz without a co-processor. I think I’d be impressed with a continuous double digit frame rate.

Streaming is only possible these days on tiny computers because they have built-in hardware codec chips.

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Yeah. I know. But we are considering transferring of not compressed frames in full resolution. 25 fps would be very good result - I doubt in this result too, but with accelerated computers. The problem is how to put data from native app to jme? I don’t want to use web browser on amiga of course becouse of performance issue.We are talking theoretically so far and can consider any even weird approach to problem.

Wow. I’m curious for why the people are buying hardware like this ? whether only for arrange icons on windows ? I could imagine of interested to gain couple of thousands players more, thanks to tiny app. Maybe tiny abstract multiplatform application ? How many players, is using applications made using jme? Why not to join this area to ours range by simple method?

Do we talk about Monochrome (thus 8bit?)
If you talk about RGB, you miss the factor 3 on your bandwidth.
You could use YUV421, which means 7 bit per Color, but a more costly transformation back to RGB.
In addition to that, theres RLE, Runtime Length Encoding, but that also consumes CPU.

  1. You need to get bandwidth down, e.g. halving the resolution.
  2. you need to evaluate the CPU power left to implement bandwidth saving encoding/decoding

Also to answer your question: UDP would be the best, with a custom frame ID. TCP might work, but is usually not the right thing.
If you want an even better solution, try to get UART/Serial to run, depending on the Baud Rate you can get a stable transmission there.