Removing a JointAxis from a Joint

Irrisor (or anyone else),

I'm staring at the source and it doesn't appear to have a way of removing an existing JointAxis from a Joint, except I see in the Joint class this code:

private final List<JointAxis> axes = new AssocList<JointAxis>( new ArrayList<JointAxis>(), new AssocList.ModificationHandler<JointAxis>() {
        public void added( JointAxis element ) {
            element.setJoint( Joint.this );
            Joint.this.added( element );

        public void removed( JointAxis element ) {
            element.setJoint( null );
            Joint.this.removed( element );

        public boolean canAdd( JointAxis element ) {
            return element.getJoint() != Joint.this;
    } );

Does this mean that doing something like


actually removes it from the Joint? Looking at the Joint.removed() method it does nothing.

Answered my own question. Yes, joint.getAxes().remove(axis); removes it like expected.

heh, you have beaten me to it :wink: