Removing SceneProcessors from ViewPort

Hello fine people of jme,

If i want to remove a SceneProcessor from a ViewPort, do I need to do anything more than call viewPort.removeProcessor() ? I have a basic FilterPostProcessor with Bloom, and I’m calling addProcessor/removeProcessor(), but the extra FrameBuffers that get created seem to stick around after calling remove, as indicated by the statistics display (“FrameBuffers (M)”). I noticed this counter is decreased everytime “onDeleteFrameBuffer()” gets called, so I’m thinking it should be called somewhere but isn’t (perhaps in the SceneProcessor cleanup() method?). I apologize if this is something simple

I have the latest SVN as of ~2 weeks ago

The FilterPostProcessor does not delete frame buffers in the clean up, they are garbage collected and deleted from the ogl context.

Also if you just want to disable the bloom, just use bloom.setEnabled(false). Removing and re adding the FilterProcessor reinitilize it each time creating more frame buffers etc…

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gotcha, that worked like a champ. Thanks for the help!