Render to static texture once and once only


I’ve been taking a look at TestRenderToTexture, TestRenderToMemory etc but cannot work out how I could render an arbitrary camera “snapshot” to a texture.

I have a few thousand quads sitting around that all need to act as (very approximate) mirrors.

Obviously I cannot have thousands of dynamic offscreen views rendering away so what I’m trying to do is put a camera at the center of each quad pointing outwards, render a snapshot to a static texture and then move onto the next one.

I would do this in a sort of scene “pre-rendering” phase and then have all the textures set as if they have come from loading an image.

I cannot work out for the life of me how I would do that from those tests.

Any tips?

But TestRenderToTexture does exactly that? You just need to stop it after the first frame ^^



You are quite right.


For future idiots like me, you just call


after at least a frame has been rendered.

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