Render without light

How do I render everything in my scene without a light? I want it all to render their ‘true’ colors (like what they look like in blender on texture draw type).


I’m not only going for looks here, that’s a big part yes but hopefully removing all shading and lighting from computing would increase performance a bunch and since I’m developing on Android that’s important.


What’s interesting is when I create a map off of RawHeightMap(), the map renders exactly as I described, bright vibrant green exactly as the texture image looks, I want this effect and I just can’t find where to go.


Try using a single white ambient light in your scene, I think it will yeild the result you’re after :

[java]AmbientLight ambientLight = new AmbientLight();



Nah, I should have mentioned I already tried that, the models render that way, but they look dull and dark…

Thanks though

this is not the correct answer (I’m no core dev, I don’t have the right answers :slight_smile: ), but it might help… you could try :


I did a quick test and tried a couple of values for mult, 10 looks to high, 4 looked ok, 1 (default) was pretty dark, on my test scene.

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Thank you sir that does achieve my desired effect :slight_smile: I’ll use this for now, but if anyone has anything more to add I’d love to hear it!

Still would like to get down and dirty and remove some of the CPU ticks. I’m not sure how shaders work, but it seems computing an ambient light constantly is more intensive than rending the models in the most basic form but hey, Ambient light could be the only way to go… That’s why I’m asking!

@thetoucher Thanks again! You made it seem all to easy ha… Maybe it’s my lack of sleep

Is there a reason you have to use the lighting material versus the unshaded material?

Yeah, just use the Materials without any lightcalculation, that would probably work best.

How do I apply that to a model I’ve built and exported from blender?

EDIT: Keep in mind the models I export are UV mapped

When I swap materials on my loaded models, I do so by traversing the model’s node hierarchy and replacing any existing Materials with my own. If you have many textures then you may also need to transfer some of their settings as well.

I don’t know if there’s a more jMP-friendly way to do it.

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Uv mapping is directly in the model mesh changing the material has nothing to do with it (well mostly shaders could modify this but thats not the important thing here). I suggest to create a j3m file for (each) model that sets all values as wanted, that way you get maximum controll and also everything jme3 has to offer.[]=material[]=material

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The 2.49 OgreXML exporter supports “Shadeless” blender materials but the 2.57 one doesn’t (not yet at least). You can throw them a suggestion about that though:

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Thanks for all the help everyone, love this community!

As far as exporting shadeless from blender, I’ve tried that, I set my material to shadeless in blender via the ‘shadeless’ button under materials, is there a special technique? (I couldn’t find any info on it)

I’m using blender 2.49b

Yes if you do that and export to OgreXML the model will not be effected by lighting

Well what I failed to mention is after trying that in blender, it still needs light to render.

Are you using alpha4 or the nightly builds?

Make sure there’s a “lighting off” statement inside the .material file