Rigid body control and geometry problem

I’m having an issue with the rigid body control and geometries. I have a tree model with two geometries. One for the trunk and one for the foliage. I want to add a rigid body control to the trunk only.

In the scene explorer of the SDK I create a new node called trunk and move the trunk geometry to this node. When I run the game as soon as I enable physics for the object the trunk node warps to 0,0,0 aka the center of my scene.

This seems to only happen when I move a geometry to another node within the spatial. Under normal circumstances adding rigid body control works fine.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what is going wrong here ?

Edit: The same thing happens if I add the rigid body control directly to the geometry.

I found the issue.

I have two nodes in my scene one for the scene in a second for picking. When an object gets within a certain distance of the player it is swapped to the picking node then swapped out when it is out of range of the player.

The pick node had multiple tree spatials which contained a trunk geometry. Since each trunk geometry shared the same name when trying to copy them back and forth their world translation data was being mixed. The problem was solved by renaming each trunk geometry.