Rising World, open world sandbox game

Please note: This game is no longer called “Concept”, but “Rising World”.

Homepage: https://www.rising-world.net/
Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/324080

Hi everyone!

I’d like to present a game to you, which a colleague and I developed – with JMonkeyEngine of course :wink:
It’s a game that might remind you of “Minecraft”, with the main difference being that the world is not made up of blocks but of a normal “smooth” landscape. The game is simply called “Concept”!

The landscape is completely modifiable without any restrictions – and there are also no restrictions on how you build it up. To do this you have both simple shapes such as blocks, cylinders, stairs, etc., as well as specific objects such as tables, chairs, beds, etc. – some of which you can interact with. We will soon be adding more precise construction elements (e.g. wooden planks) to round off your building opportunities.

There are currently around 200 different materials available.

The game does, of course, have multi-player capability. This was a main area of focus from the very start of development.

The game is still in an early alpha stage, i.e. there are lots of things still to be refined: there is no clothing system, there are still no animals or opponents, vehicles have not yet been integrated into the game, there are no dungeons yet, etc.
However, we have a very long list of planned features, which we intend to provide bit by bit in the form of updates.

The current early-alpha version can be purchased for EUR 9.99, and your purchase entitles you to receive all future updates free of charge up to the final version.

We would be delighted if you took a closer look at the game. All of the important information can be found on our website at https://www.rising-world.net
This also has an overview of all of the important features.

To finish, perhaps a few words on hardware requirements: generally speaking, the game needs at least a 2-core processor as well as an OpenGL3.0-compatible graphics card, due to the fact that we use TextureArrays. Many OpenGL2.1 graphics cards also support this feature, i.e. the game can also be run on these graphics cards.

However, it is recommended that you have at least a 4-core processor or a 2-core processor from one of the newer generations (which usually have another 2 simulated cores). In terms of the working memory, 3-4 GB should be enough.

Here are a few screenshots (more on our website):




Best wishes :slight_smile:



As soon as I saw the “open world sandbox” title I was doubtful, but this project is looking very real :wink:

I noticed you prominently call out NodeJS and HTML5 on your site. Is this for website stuff only or does this tech also have something to do with your game?

We use NodeJS for all authentification services, e.g. communication with our “Hive”-server (relevant to determine if someone has bought the game). In the future, we will use it to determine how many users or servers are online. Also, features like the buddylist (not finished yet) will use it :slight_smile:

HTML5 will be used for our online serverlist and online server control panel. But both are currently in development :wink:

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A video would be very nice :slight_smile:

Looks great. Keep up the good work! =D

Thanks! :slight_smile:

@loopies: Indeed. I can show some gameplay tomorrow :wink:

Marching cubes?
Lol, looks fun! Interested in seeing how you do vehicles and electricity :wink:

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Exactly, it’s marching cubes, at least the terrain.

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Finally, here is a gameplay video :smiley:


wow, so many trees and vegetation, how did u do it?

O.o very nice :slight_smile:

That looks really cool

Many thanks :slight_smile:

@eraslt: The world is separated into chunks, and per chunk there is 1 grassmesh (which is generated at the same time as the terrain), and all other vegetations (trees, scrubs etc.) are baked into 1 single “vegetation mesh” per chunk.
In addition, distant chunks consist of only 1 mesh at all; the terrain and vegetations (low poly version has only 8-12 polys per tree, instead of ~2000 of the standard model) are baked together :wink:


o.O this is impressive very nice work!!! Congratulation ^^

Wow, this is amazing! :-o

Is there any demo or something like that available?

You said that you use marhcing cube for the terrain? Is it just marching cubes or any of the other algorithms, like dual contour etc? Is that niftygui? Does your game support multiplayer/coop? What kind of computer do I need to run that game? Hopefully my machine can handle it (Intel hd 4000) :-?

Sorry for having soo many questions :roll:

Some of your questions are answered in their site : https://www.concept-game.net/ . Have a look at Requirements and their showcase video :wink:


Oops, my fault, thank you for the hint! =D

Looks like my machine can handle it 8) And it supports multiplayer :smiley:

could you make tutorials for this or make the code open source(for those who buy it) This is pretty close to the type of game i want to build and it would be amazing if i could figure out how to do it

Is there any demo or something like that available?

Nope, sorry, there is currently no demo available. You can only get (instant) alpha access for EUR 9.99.

Is it just marching cubes or any of the other algorithms, like dual contour etc?

Just “simple” marching cubes, but with some optimizations to reduce the amount of vertices. You find more informations about marching cubes here: Polygonising a scalar field (Marching Cubes)

Is that niftygui?

No, we wrote our own gui. We will publish it somewhen in the future.

And it supports multiplayer :-D

Indeed, we mainly focussed on the multiplayer part :wink: But singleplayer works just as well.

Hopefully my machine can handle it (Intel hd 4000)

As relucri already said (thanks @relucri), you find all requirements on our site :wink:
Btw., the game runs with an intel hd 4000, but you have to reduce the graphics settings. Anyway, a dedicated graphics card is advisable.

could you make tutorials for this [...]

Well, the problem is that we don’t have enough time for making tutorials :S We are working tirelessly on our game :wink:

[...] or make the code open source(for those who buy it)

Sorry, we’re currently not planning to make the game open source :frowning: The only part that we will make open source is - as mentioned - our gui. But if you have any questions or need some background informations, you can always ask your question in this topic :slight_smile:

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