Rotate node and add object?


I am trying to make a kind of a rotating disc of aligned cubes. I have a node that is the parent of all the cubes. So, to create the cubes following the disc shape, I thought of:

-create one cube in the position (0, 0, 15) relative to the node

-rotate the node in a certain angle

-create the next cube in the same position (0,0,15)

and so forth.

But the result was not what I expected. Even after I rotate, the coordinates wich I use to create the cube continue the same, so in the end, all of the cubes are in the same position.

How should I do this?

Thanks in advance!

If you have a Quaternion rotation (e.g. fromAngleAxis) and a Vector3f position = new V3(0,0,15) you can do

node1.setLocationTranslation(new Vector3(position));


node2.setLocationTranslation(new Vector3(position));


node3.setLocationTranslation(new Vector3(position));

and so forth…