Rotating Camera Around Node/Object


i'm a bit new to jme, but i came so far that i may import an obj-Modell and Move it Around, speed up, rotate and so on.

Current "Step 2"-Target is, to get two starships (or more…) which may fire upon each other somehow.

well, Step 1 first, i have my Starship, now i want to get the Camera rotated around it.

Looking at it every time. Rotate left/right with Buttons or Camera as well as zoom in /zoom out.

how i tried to get that:

there is a Node with rotation attached to the Ship-Node and another Node with translation attached to the rotation.

I'm using two degree-based Angles wich are set into the rotation-Node each time the Camera is updated.

well, attaching a simple Box to the translation-Node works. i see a box rotating around my ship. Using the Camera with a Cameranode does not work.

camera.setLocation(rotationnode.getWorldTranslation()) ; does not work as well.

camera.lookat(ship.getWorldttranslation()); works, as long as the camera stands still somewhere else.

I'll post some of my code this afternoon, but maybe one of you can help already.

I know there are Mouselookhandler and Chasercamera-Objects, but still i want split up the Action and the Command which starts that action.


i got it working,


i didn't recognized that i had set the Camera to the same Location as it was looking at.