RPG Making Competition at 64digits.com


RPG Game Making Competition, starts 1st of May until 1st of August

Link to Competition

Hi! We here at 64digits.com are hosting an RPG theme game making competition, cunningly called RPG Four Digits.

…that might sound like a fairly random name, but it is the latest in a series of competitions with more fortunate names (eg Scary Four Digits for halloween, Sixty Fools Digits for April Fools). To make things even more confusing, 64digits is building an RPG into the site called 64RPG. But let’s not get into that…

The competition is three months long, to fully do the theme justice (we usually do month-long ones, a bit like another game contest you may have heard of). There are prizes, which are subject to further donations/sponsorships, so do check back if you think the reward is unsubstantial. And don’t worry, everything is completely non-profit on our end. We just like games. A lot.

Hope you check it out!

Link to Competition


First prize now well over $400, one week until start

Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile: