RTX Support?

Question, what would it take to get some kind of RTX support, do we need to wait for something on the lwjgl side?


Last time i checked there was no support in opengl for rtx.

Sorry for my ignorance in the topic, but is this not rtx in opengl?

That is a link directly from nvidia: Turing Extensions for Vulkan and OpenGL | NVIDIA Developer

I see, then, there is no technical reason why jme shouldn’t be able support rtx ( with lwjgl3 ).

Except that someone would have to write the support for this extension in the engine (maybe extending the material system), and we are talking about a feature dedicated only to few cards and then you would have to write shaders that use this feature.

Not worth the effort if you ask me.

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I would do it, but I don’t have an RTX card, and I don’t want one. I think RTX will die in the arse like 3d TV’s. I think nVidia’s implementation is too naive to move forward with, its to narrow focused.

I’t doesn’t make any sense to me that RTX effectively renders twice as much, and the dedicated harwdware support barely does anything to optimise, RTX on ~= 1/2 frame rate, the same performance one would get from any video card and a custom path tracing implementation.

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