Russian wiki request

We have a request to update the link on the Russia wiki page.

Currently the page points to this blank page,документация.html

The Russian wiki looks like it was at one time actually stored in the jmonkeyengine repository because the link points to folders there. Every wiki page in the jmonkeyengine repository related to the Russian wiki is blank.

Last edit show May of 2016 that David was doing some work of some type, possible transferring the wiki it looks like.

The person who wants to update the wiki is,

the link he is submitting
looks like a good page when translated.

What confuses me is it has in the name and not jmonkeyengine.github…

I didn’t want to approve this without the input of David or someone familiar with whats going on here.


I asked for it.

Earlier our guys were translating on your platform, however you are constantly losing data. Therefore, no one else tried to add something.

I think you can create an unofficial branch of translation.

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So far this is half-machine translation with tons of typos and even conceptually wrongly translated terms. And even Russian itself there is poor, to the word. It is hard to explain to non-russian speaking person, but any such translation is a serious business by itself, to start with. Just one example: there’s no linguistically equal word in Russian for “asset”. Those guys decided to use Russian equivalent to “resource” - OK, to some degree it will work. Until you meet, say, “resources” and “assets” in one context. Etc etc. In the long run I see no point in trying to replicate English wiki at all - this will be subject to inevitable delays and inevitable translation losses, even if translators will be perfect. And they don’t look like ones already.
And you can’t be a real modern programmer if you can’t read English documentation at least with tools. No (even absolutely perfect) particular translation can change that.

That’s my personal opinion.


The word “asset” is an актив :slight_smile: But this is from the business sphere.

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It could have been nice to ask before creating a… especially since the branding suggest that we endorse it…
Also wiki is now on github, there is a good chance that every active community members die of old age before it gets definitely down.
Is there a chance you reconsider using your own fork?

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It’s not a fork, it’s a full-fledged website.

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Right, depending on context it can be translated like this. And like that. And some other way. You see, you have to depict it in every case: what is the scope, and where exactly this term’s scope begins and ends. In addition to translation itself. It’s a lot of work. And btw I asked why have you even started it, you didn’t respond. Because doing it the way you do it keeps you busy but doesn’t really help anyone. To code a game in JME you have to be able to read reference docs - it is a must. You have to be able to read java documentation (Oracle site, at least) - it is a must. To do it you have to have appropriate English - it is a must. Your site, being it better, would just provide a false impression to those schoolboys that’d visit it, that they can code a game w/o learning English and w/o learning how to code - and therefore would just lead to huge waste - and not just of your time, but theirs too. And what would happen then - either they would quit playing with JME being disappointed, or would come here to ask real creators (because you see, you couldn’t answer all their questions that would rise) - and here, again WITHOUT English. A lot of activity that leads to nothing in the end. Not counting that waste for everyone involved I mentioned above.


I meant a chance all this documents be included in the official wiki instead of rolling your own.

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Simply, nobody wants to add this endlessly, you constantly lose everything. But that would be correct. I did not create a website for translators, but translators decided to publish it on my.

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Who tells you that we read only in Russian ???

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What’s the translations point then? What’s the site point at all then? Showing to the world your first steps in JME?

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That logic is difficult to understand, you want to say that Portuguese and Chinese should also be deleted. The section with languages ​​is superfluous then …

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I can’t say for Portuguese or Chinese, I don’t speak those. Maybe that’s much easier task to translate one-to-one. Maybe the schoolboys in those countries are told from the very start what they have to know before jumping into game programming. But I can say for Russia and Russian as I know it full well - that’s not just not useful, but quite contrary, and that’s confirmed, if to look at the results in the whole IT industry. A lot of activity for decades with almost nothing really comparable to the international IT level. You know why? Because instead of start from learning too many guys start from teaching and promoting.

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We chose our president of the USA what is not the result? :grinning:

As for the gaming industry, I agree, but this is because of the politics of the country.

But indie developers in themselves produce amazing products:


Rebranding is likely to be completed in the near future. To distance yourself from the similarity with you. I think that the domain will not be used either.

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  1. Did you saw the documentation pages for Portuguese and Chinese?
  2. Did you got the difference between Portuguese and Chinese versions and English one?
  3. Did you got the difference between Russian version and English one?
    (hint1): style.
    (hint2): cooperative work with origin the community.

Your team did good place for Russian speakers to start with game programming, but I agree with @Torsion, - doing that wiki is counterproductive.

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  1. Seen
  2. Translation of only the initial pages, then the information in English.
  3. Yes, the difference is big … jMonkeyEngine3 Scene Graph for Dummies and our option: 3D граф сцена для чайников

– Style influences understanding?
– At you I see very convenient “joint work”

And now think about whether we are promoting JME3. This makes it more accessible to the younger generation. I spend some of my money on the content of the site. Without any thoughts about the benefits to me.

I repeat, according to your logic. You need to delete Chinese and Portuguese. They are not translated completely. And they are only fictitious. This, by the way, is an indicator - how all are striving to jointly overcome the language barrier for JME3. And this is an indicator that your system is not for everyone.

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To be clear, I’m not denying your work. I think it’s wonderful to have the documentation in several language to, as you said, get the language barrier down. The only thing that bothers me is the separation with JME wiki which is now stable (I agree it’s been broken many times and that’s the reason it’s now on github, scarifying editing ease for better stability).
Also… we would have agree for a, i guess… but it’s nice to be aware of this before hand rather than when it’s done, that’s all.


I kinda agree that translations are not worth the effort, but I also remember that I wished everything was translated in my language when I wasn’t able to understand english well/fast enough, so if someone is willing to do it, it’s only good imo.

Also, nice css.

Maybe you could add a disclaimer that says it’s not the official site or something like that.

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