Saving screenshot not working right with fog swithced on


I’m using the code below to render my output to png files, but when I use fog I get a semi transparent image, where it looks like the depth channel is being used for alpha…

[java]renderer.readFrameBuffer(viewPort.getOutputFrameBuffer(), outBuf);

Screenshots.convertScreenShot(outBuf, awtImage);[/java]

any ideas around this?

actually - just to clarify things

the above code simply outputs the image without any fog effect - but the scene is normal

it’s when I tried to render the scene into a separate framebuffer, then output that, that I get the transparency problem.

I took a look at the fog filter and its not really possible to get a transparent result unless your fog color is transparent as well. Make sure it has 1.0 for alpha.

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Momoko_Fan said:
Make sure it has 1.0 for alpha.

that was indeed the problem - though tricky to spot, as the screen output looks unaffected by fog alpha..

thanks :)